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You have concrete you want to do something to - Yes?  That's our thing... Sealed/Polished/Stained or Dyed (yes there is a difference), Repaired/Coated/etc. Take a peek at your options and learn more... OH! And what we do to concrete... We can do ANYWHERE you need us to!


There a lot of things you can do to your concrete! Clean it, seal it, make it shiny, change its color, make it liquid resistant, etc. It's clean, it's green... Arguably - The best flooring solution out there... Come take a look at some examples and learn more!



You are a subcontractor? Looking to become a subcontractor? You want better Branding? A better System? Better Pipeline? Support? Resources? Contacts, Friends!? You just want to be Better? Maybe be the Best!?  

C.l.i.c.k  T.h.e.  B.u.t.t.o.n.



XrQ is a Concrete Surface Processing & Treatment Specialty Contractor serving the needs of Owners. General Contractors and Fellow Subcontractors throughout the United States and Internationally.



We are unlike any other subcontracting entity you have ever worked with. We are an amazing collection of Master Craftsmen & Artisans, Elite Installers, Logistics Geniuses, Technology Innovators and amazing Out-of-the-Box Thinkers/Doers and Industry Influencers... We partner with the best of the best our industry has to offer and bring all that together into a high-performance organization hell bent on solving the strategic and tactical concerns of your projects and client relationships...

We are so much more than just a Concrete Surface Processing Service Provider... We do that Each Day - Every Day too.  But we don't work for trophies for simply doing the job we are contracted to do, following the specs and demonstrating the competence that is expected of us? No. That is the minimum expectation of our customers and the professional community we are a part of. We earn ours by being leaders, by behaving honorably and respectfully, by exceeding expectations and by demonstrating, through the experience of working with us, that we are something more. Much more. That 'Value Added' treasure so many seek in the form of tangible discounts on an estimate, invoice or budget, is worth less when compared to the value of Integrity, Honesty and Honorability we bring to work everyday... 

When you work with us, you are not only getting a commitment to your project, but to you and to your clients and the community they serve...

'Accelerating Success'

it is the core ethos of our company.






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Say Hello!

XrQ Corp is headquartered in Sacramento CA. You can call anytime at 833.977.2677

or send us an email;

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