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Tim Kennady

If you are reading this, you are probably not one of my partners... So, I am going to talk to you through that lens of your anonymity – Not knowing you, you can’t get your feelings hurt – yes?... I am a straight shooter – So, buckle up buttercup, this is happening…

  1. If you’re here looking to be added to XrQ’s national team and be a resource to ‘do the work’ – just Click Here and let us know you’re interested - Let’s get to working together! – easy…

  2. If you want some amazing tools and advise? – Keep reading…

  3. But… if you want more … MUCH MORE… keep reading - then reread it again… Then call me!


I may have never met you... Don't know about you and/or ‘Your Business'... I have no idea how much your uncle or mother-in-law loaned you to start it... Or who you sold your soul to get where you are, which I am betting is nowhere near where you thought you'd be by now? Yes? We can agree that I don't know shit about you!? But I do know that in a bet, the odds are in my favor that the you don't know what the hell you are doing when it comes to 'Your Business'... OH! Don't misunderstand me! I’m sure your awesome! I'm certain you can polish any turd, make epoxy stick to Teflon and do the work of three men, eight days a week and are smarter than most when it comes to 'the work', and are a NASA engineer when it comes to your gear... But that would only prove to me how busy you are being the amazing Tactical Battlefield General you are and that you probably don't know dick about 'Your Business' or have a strategic vision for where it’s going. (Why does he keep writing 'Your Business' like that?)



If you ARE your business? You have NO Business... YOU are SELF-EMPLOYED and PROBABLY working for the WORST boss you have ever had. Period.

Now, read that again!

Ok! That was harsh! What a tool! - Right now, some of you might very well be thinking; “This guy is a Dick! – No. Thank. You.” – Which I totally get (better you know now that I am not a safe space for reaffirmation of bad habits or feel good memes of kittens around your conference table). Other might simply be reading this out of curiosity and are doing just fine… We applaud you and hope to work together... BUT! There are those of you that the statements above resonate with and accurately describes you and ‘Your Business’ (sad face)... I am here speaking to You. You and I will have a different relationship going forward, if you so choose. I promise not to blow smoke up your ass or candy coat anything... Cuz, ‘Aint nobody got time for that’ - Deal?

This is where we get to chat a little bit about YOU and YOUR business aspirations... (but only a little bit - It's not exactly private around here - is it?)

  • What do YOU want to do as a business professional?

  • Where do YOU want to go as a business?

  • Are you thinking about starting up YOUR own thing and want to avoid the common mistakes and missteps?

  • Are you just bummed that YOU are busting your ass, day-in and day-out, treading water and feeling like there is no light at the end of that god-damn shiny concrete tunnel!? (While the world busts your balls about failing them…)


Yup! - You are in with some good company - Not just in our industry, but small businesses all over the world.  So many of the guys I talk to are, or were, right where you are this very second.


So – Right about now you should have two questions in your head;


Question one; "Is this the start of a freaking Infomercial!?". No. It is not… It could be I suppose? I hadn’t really thought about it until now… Hmmm? Maybe later…? Anyway, Listen - I am a guy who accidentally found himself in your industry. I come from another industry. (I am a Silicon Valley High-Tech Puke), A much more complex, diverse industry with much more challenging constructs and cultures than this one. From that experience, I have developed a unique set of skills and have a wide perspective and vision regarding small businesses. Our industry, this industry, pivots around US, the concrete surface processing & treatment businesses. Well, it is supposed to, but we don’t seem to realize that, and therefore, don’t own our scope of work as we should…


I am here to disrupt that construct. I would like to do that with you, by helping you add value to you through your ‘Business’. And then connect your business to other businesses like yours - and TOGETHER  - RULE THE UNIVERSE UNOPPOSED!!!............  er, um, I mean, take a leadership role in our industry and enjoy the financial benefits of our unity to maintain a competitive edge in our marketplace.


Question two: “Those who ‘were’ where I am? What did they do to change that?”. GREAT QUESTION! WHere do you come up with them!? Easy answer with big meaning: They got out of their own way by getting in front of their business. Many of you think you are leading your businesses, but look around! Are you leading from the front?, or are you leading from the rear? If you are ‘leading from the rear’, the only one that sees you as leading ‘Your Business’, is you… Do you even know where the front of your business is? You may be winning battles, your men might respect the hell out how you handle an edge grinder? But you have NO strategy - or plan - to win the war. The war for Economic Value.


Why are you even doing this? Because you feel strongly that concrete should be sealed, shiny or coated? Are you making the world a safer, greener place for your grandchildren? Shut-Up!… You are doing this for money! The best money is the value you create because you built a business, One that pays you a great salary consistently, profits predictably and one that someday has enough valuation that you can either sell it for a bunch of cash, or if you hate money - give it to your kids or grandkids…


Ok – So - Where does XrQ Corp come in to all this? Listen - There are 1,763 really smart and innovative people running around our industry than can tell you what densifier to use, what epoxy to put down, why use these metals, those pads, that machine, this program, that certification, this training, that poly, blah-blah-blah-om-fucking-g BLAH! I am SO NOT that guy… Yes, I have some strategic partner advice when it comes to suppliers and vendors and such, but it has less to do with the uptime of equipment or life of your tooling and more to do with long-term opportunities and strategies... But WHO is helping you with ‘Your Business’ from an industry perspective? Fucking Nobody! No one is helping you with your concrete sealing/polishing/coating business! And THAT happens to be where I totally nerd out – weirdo (I know)... I could give a shit about that new diamond matrix or that new 1-1/2 step-process using refined skunk piss, beyond what it means to my businesses profitably and valuation of course. Tell me skunk piss yields 80% GP and I get exclusivity? I totally give a shit now…

So - I have strong opinions, I am not 100% right all the time, there are other methods to success and other systems that would/could work! Certainly 'verbal' people to work with. I have nothing negative to say about anyone who is working the basic principles and achieving results! THAT IS GREAT! We need more of that, not less! But for you that need help? - XrQ offers a solution anyone can implement and follow. It has worked, and continues to work in every single instance it has been implemented.


So… What are we 'Selling' exactly? "ACCELERATING SUCCESS!" - Ok, sorry, total gratuitous use of our tag line - im kinda fond of it... There are three distinct opportunities XrQ is offering within our industry outside of our Surface Concrete Remediation And Processing Services - SCRAPS  (Ok – LMAO – I totally just made that up - HAHA! That’s not really a thing… really trashing this paragraph - sorry) Outside of our Sealing, Polishing, Epoxy and Prep work to GC’s and Owners…


The three things we can do together are;


Consulting (includes B5 Engine)

An intense boot camp for ‘Your Business’, at your site, with your team. Our team will assist your team in becoming a highly focused unit, each person performing a specific role in supporting the team objective(s) - all of you reaching the same corporate Goal/Mission.  It is a 6-month engagement that brings me and my team into your organization (mostly remotely) to change the way you do what you do in estimating/sales/finance/administration/pre-operations and some installation administration tweaks. Management of your data, IT structure, finance management, P&L reporting, are important parts of your business we help you with understanding and executing. You get an executive VP his team to build, develop and transfer knowledge to you and your team. We don't teach you anything about what you do to concrete, but we can give you some opinions/advice about that for sure. But as for ‘Your Business'?, and where you want to go? and how to get there? - WE CAN DO THAT!


B5 is a fully integrated cloud-based system comprising of five separate database driven engines that Direct, Control, Monitor, Predict and Report on the performance of your company and its people at any given moment, in real-time, all integrated together for a massive data driven performance tool that involves everyone in your sales and administration part of the organization. The five engines in this process are Budget, Bidding, Booking, Backlog, and Billing. These five engines actually drive and affect every aspect of your business! This is a system made with tools we all use, made into a comprehensive and elegant performance and focus accelerator that everyone in business has or needs.  That married with a few tweaks to your management philosophies and education about some actual business/finance basics, you can accelerate your success significantly.


If you are between $1M & $3M/year in sales, I GUARANTEE that you WILL increase sales success by 50% within 12-months of implementation - If you are adequately capitalized to do the work of course... Easy Peazy - no brainer! It's really not that complicated, but it IS complex. 


Consulting: Set up and integrating the B5 engine takes less than 30 days and then everyone is using it - That's just part of the integration requirements. Then, we monitor it, make fixes and corrections (you will make mistakes) and continue to educate your team on how to do what they do. You are getting a new Vice President of Operations to run your sales/finance/admin department for a short-term injection of a powerful performance energy drink, basically. You will get me personally to help you answer all the other questions about business and aspects of our industry you may not be fully grasping... Then after that, we will be friends and you will use me like a cheap free business booty call every time you want to know something… I'm used to that...


Franchise Opportunities as XrQ Contractors

Everything in that B5 Engine and Consulting piece, but with a ton more and it doesn’t end after 6-months – It’s is just what it sounds like - Literally being part of the Brand! Mi Familia! The franchise affiliation and all the benefits franchisees typically get with branding, purchasing advantages, national account access, global marketing, emerging technologies, etc.​ This is going to be pretty fucking cool quite frankly! The goal is to allow those with the tactical operational field skills do what they do best, and your partner, - the Franchise, will handle those administrative backend tasks... You Do What You Do Best... We Do the Rest... I won’t say anymore here about this - THAT requires a call... It's been a long process to build to this point and we believe it is a game changer. Those of you hand-picked to be the pioneers - or guinea pigs as some might opine? - will be part of something quite spectacular…



There are opportunities to partner with XrQ on projects throughout the country. If you know one thing about me, it is that I love and believe in strategic partnerships... I LOVE THEM! It is ‘Tile’ that is our enemy, TILE! - Tile contractors are our competitors – The rest of us are professional colleagues, wrestling for square footage, but we should never be enemies. Let’s work together collaboratively and make the world shiny, (or not) maybe coated a little? Anyway -  Let's talk about your capacity and operational range and plug you into our growing legion of pros! None of you are too small and only a couple of you are too ugly…


Well - That was a lot of words... (some bad ones, sorry mom) This was a short exercise to show you I am not your typical CEO and shoot pretty direct, even if my aim is off at times. Give us a shout out if you would like to talk about any of these things further... I look forward to talking to you!

Tim Kennady – President, XrQ Corp

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